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I asked him to hang out one weekend, and he said he was busy but didn’t initiate another hangout.

I took the hint and drifted off, figuring he just wasn't ready to commit.

Her take: “I was dating this guy and everything seemed great, but we never established if we were serious, casual, or something in-between.

If one of you is ready to meet the parents or take a short trip together and the other isn’t, that’s a good indication that you’re not on the same page and this might not work out, she says.

After two months, I invited him on a preplanned trip with friends, but he declined.

After the trip, his text messages became shorter and the phone calls stopped.

You’re left wondering what went wrong and analyzing (and reanalyzing and reanalyzing) things with your friends. While we’ll never be able to fully understand guys (and we probably wouldn’t want to), you can learn from these moments.

We found 10 women in your situation and asked experts to give their insights on what happened so you can dodge future dating disasters.

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I asked him for a picture, and he sent me a video clip of him as a police officer where two of his friends shocked him with a taser gun because they thought it was funny. ” -Amy W., 39Expert take: Men and women find different things attractive and look for different things in profiles.

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