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site is an improvement on that in that all of the folk here are girls. Girls with names like pinkykhan, sparklingeyes86, dangergurl ("I'm dangerous but alwayz ready for boyz"), Alluringgirl2, sarasiddiqui ("I want to be your best friend"), and so on. i know everyone on the net is fat and ugly....i'm not...ill accept naything close to okay looking:)". However, for the purpose of selecting an appropriate mat, the would-be-spouses are allowed to see and/or talk to each other.

This site can be used for people looking for friendship, dating, serious relationship and marriage. This site reads: "Looking for a Gujarati life partner? That's why we at Gujarati Matrimony make sure that when you find your match, you're both talking the same language." Love Awake: Karachi Online Dating. i know everyone on the net is fat and ugly....i'm not...ill accept naything close to okay looking:)". Here you can meet women such as Minahil (18, straight, from Karachi) who says: "well i'm 5'3....hazel healthy.......friends tell me i'm pretty okay looking:) I'm looking for someone whos humorous and sporty like me....likes to travel , has a decent personality.... i love everything to do with water...fragrances....chocolates...males and roller blades...branded stuff! "Prophet Muhammad (S) recommended: Pakistani Dating: Free Online Dating Service for Pakistani Singles.

Pakistani Single spells it out thus: "Karachi roads may be filled with young couples from local colleges enjoying joyrides.

Pakistani single maybe open to dating muslims of the subcontinent.

Pakistanis in Europe and America may also be dating other South Asian women like Indian muslims.

But dating in Pakistan for the average Pakistani single is a misnomer..." Karachi University: dating possibilities.

Aren't we all searching for that 'special someone', our true soul mate? Browse thousands of Karachi Matrimonials or find someone in Karachi chat room Our site is totally free. 123-Matrimonials is a great place to meet someone with serious relationship potential or even life partner in the Karachi area near you." Asia Funs: Karachi Dating. Plenty of articles you can read too including Koranic advice on marriage and dating.

"i am a nice good girl of 24 years old looking for my life partner," writes juliet4u on this site, which seems to be fairly active. On the issue of freedom of marriage, "The process of mate selection should be a function of a healthy balance between the freedom of choice of the would-be-spouses and consideration of the influence and consent of the parents/guardians.

Balochi girls, like Sindhi and Pathan girls, are not seen in any walk of life mostly. This leaves us Karachi where girls from all Pakistan exist because it is such a cosmopolitan and multi - faith and multi - ethnic city, you have mohajir girls who are from all the immigrant families from India, rajasthan, Maharashtra, UP, Behari, dehli-walay, bengali, gujrati etc etc.As expected, there were plenty of answers given and plenty of opinions expressed."Some people say Lahori girls are sexiest but i guess its all one's own prejudice against other parts of Pakistan or areas," replied one Mullah Nasruddin.Sahil Jaan posts on pkhope: "Anyone can love a rose, but it takes an amazing deal to love a leaf.Do not love someone who is beautiful just because of the attractive side but love the one who really can make your life beautiful.

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Coming down on the side of Karachi girls, Sethin Dubai wrote: "When we mention Lahori girls ofcourse we are referring to girls from Punjab and Punjabi women from all parts..... Sindhi women have hardly been seen by public (except for benazir!!

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