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It avoids having to do ordered synchronous metadata writes by temporarily "rolling back" any part of a metadata block that depends on another potentially non-flushed or partially rolled-back block when writing it.

In effect, blocks may be flushed at any time and the soft-update code will always provide the disk a consistent version of it (as long as it knows which blocks have physically been flushed).

Dependency rebuilds have to be done in the correct order; jpeg has to be rebuilt before tiff can be rebuilt, and so on up the chain.

figure out what needs to be upgraded and in what order, but not actually do it.

Soft updates require periodic flushing of the metadata to nonvolatile storage.

Free BSD supports soft updates for the UFS file system This may cause issues when filesystems are dumped with the -L option, as snapshots are used to guarantee filesystem coherency during the dump.

To get started, ensure that your current system is up to date; a change was recently made to freebsd-update(8) (Errata Notice Free BSD-EN-.freebsd-update) which is needed in order to upgrade to Free BSD 9.1-RELEASE.

If you got error "masked by: EAPI", please update the portage with a manual method. It will avoid the issue that sys-freebsd packages are masked by profile.Recovery then simply becomes a matter of running a background walk of the file system when it is next mounted to garbage collect any allocated space that has been orphaned.This also permits the filesystem to selectively flush certain files without having to flush all metadata blocks or all of the records.For example, Firefox depends a bunch of things that depend on the tiff library, which in turn depends on jpeg.Some of these things have to be rebuilt when the jpeg code changes, some do not.

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