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In that regard, I have been: Elected twice to the town council, and currently serve as mayor pro tem.Over the past two years in Mayor Ahearn’s several absences, I have served as acting mayor, and have had “hands on” experience with the position.The more the data layers the more precise the management zone delineation (yield maps, EM38, topographic data).The EM38 survey is a one off investment: the identified soil types are stable over time (unless major soil alterations are carried out).The bottom left map shows the available water holding capacity across the pivot, and bottom right the calculated management zones based overlaying yield and soil type.The EM layers are used to define management zones that can be used for differential application for optimizing inputs and maximizing yields.And, that a mere dot on a line graph goes to our food safety.

This is used to identify soil variability allowing the subdivision of fields into management zones based on the different soil types.Once a paradise of unspoiled, vibrant ocean, sacred rocks and waterfalls, an agricultural and fishing community a mere 35 x 45 miles in size, it was first attacked and destroyed during the Korean war.The residents are South Koreans, but our government ordered them destroyed and they were, by the thousands.I don’t want you to think I was untouched by what I saw.I’ll pass on a comment I made to a friend after I arrived home. Peace and Love, Kathy I’ve just come from a heart-rending viewing of a finely made film of the destruction and valiant protest on the Korean island of Jeju.

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  1. And it is not only British women who have fallen prey to the charms of the opposite sex in a country ranked 151st out of 169 countries on the Human Development Index (comparing life expectancy, years of schooling and gross national income per capita).