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Documents show his next statutory release date — the last possible day he could be in custody — was Jan. His warrant expires June 6, 2014, meaning his current parole conditions extend until then.

His conditions include reporting all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships and friendships with women to his parole supervisor, not accessing pornography and having no contact with sex workers. Though he had sex offender counselling, the parole board assessed him as having a "preoccupation with sex" and posing a "high moderate risk" of reoffending.

While watching women perform farming competitions in the hopes that they would get to live the Little House on the Prairie' lifestyle full-time didn't seem to draw enough viewers for a second stateside season, it was good clean fun while it lasted."I saw his face and I felt sick," says a woman whom Khairzad contacted through Plenty of Fish.The woman, who does not want her name published out of fear for her safety, says she and Khairzad once had the same circle of friends. The note he sent her Wednesday asked if she'd like to meet. My concern is that women are going to be raped." Jan.The show's other participants would offer snide commentary while watching the date's progress from the RV, and would take over the date if the person before them was "nexted." Was it cruel? While some contestants were left out in the cold, a lucky few got to enjoy a date in the light of day.Most of us love our moms and want to see them happy.

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It is unmistakably Khairzad's photo and it is the same username — afgstylz83 — he frequently went by in chat groups and on gaming and dating sites before his arrest.

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