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Click on the picture to start download (7-zip, 1.1 MB) May 19, 2013 by Ice Breakr Well, we are all a bit tired of killing zombies, so here come the Alienz ;) some of you know these guys from old Isla Duala Full release, they were later removed from newer updates.They are now back with a stand-alone release, including Bad Benson's outstanding work on new model. It is about time I unveil the updated version 1.5, eh?

Be sure to check out readme file for all the details, such as classnames ;) Mod features: Click on the picture to start download (7-zip, 52.6 MB) May 16, 2013 by Ice Breakr Guess what day it is? Good news for all A2 users September 18, 2012 by Ice Breakr Two new projects are underway.

Work continues on FAP Units, Isla Balkania, Jade Groove III, Rowalla & Abramia 1.9.

Later one gets a new sector and completely remade realistic vegetation.

Second one is a secret (well, not anymore since I posted it here) little project that will satisfy all those who want a US map ;) all I can tell now is that it is based in Alabama.

We will do an "Alien Invasion" mission on it when it gets released.

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