Priyanka chopra and uday chopra dating

(ALSO READ: Nargis Fakhri found ridiculous to reshoot kissing scenes in Azhar)The spokesperson read an official statement that said, ‘Nargis has been extremely overworked working on three films simultaneously over the last year.

One night Alisha is partying with her friends and accidentally falls into a river.The gossip mongers drew conclusion that she left the country after there was trouble in her lovey-dovey paradise.But now Nargis’ spokesperson said that it was all a rumour and the actress took off to New York due to health issues.In addition, she has been unwell right through the ‘Azhar’ promotions with multiple injuries – torn hamstring, anterior knee ligament thinning and mild socket dislocation along with burning of the stomach lining due to lead and arsenic poisoning.Due to these multiple issues and her overall exhaustion, she had a fever of about 101 degrees right through her promotions.” (ALSO READ: Uday Chopra, Sunny leone in ‘plank off’ competition)The representative added that it is due to Nargis’ deteriorating condition that she had to request Sajid Nadiadwala – producer of her next film – and “bow out of its promotions to go back home to New York for a month to address all her medical issues and recuperate.” The spokesperson further said, “She has no plans to leave Bollywood and will be back to sets to complete the pending patchwork for her film ‘Banjo’ in the second week of June.

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