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Everything went so fast, and there were so many emotions, all that is certain – and all that matters – is that she said yes. I determined Leah was "The One" the first night I met her; it just took me about a decade to confirm it.Helene and I met in 2010 while working at a tech start-up in Stockholm.Anyway, while there was clearly chemistry between us – Leah touched my leg like three hundred times while we bowled – nothing ever materialized because the timing was poor[2] I was leaving Grand Forks after the election whereas Leah had to stay and complete her final year of university.So with the leg touches etched in my memory, I left Grand Forks, and Leah, with a heavy heart in November of 2008.) and Leah was about to start her senior year at the University of North Dakota.

After Sweden, I took my foot off the Leah gas pedal. I took Leah to numerous summer weddings and even introduced her to my mom's enormous – and often overwhelming – family." I was listening to Mariah Carey's greatest hits - we quickly bonded.We later discovered we had a crazy amount of things in common and even started to finish each other's sentences.To help fight that battle, I had to ship off to God's country, a.k.a. At the same time I was heading west, Leah was heading east, all the way to Stockholm, Sweden to begin a Master's program.So once again we said our goodbyes (read: more leg touching) and parted ways. Our next chapter unfolded in Stockholm, Sweden in the summer of 2012.

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