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Also on the horizon is an adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann’s book Ich und Kaminski, while next up on our cinema screens will be Anton Corbijn’s adaptation of John le Carré’s A Most Wanted Man.

I’ve searched and searched and this is the closest I have come to a more recent photo of Daniel and Felicitas.

And in Wikileaks drama The Fifth Estate he plays Daniel Berg, who became enamoured and then disillusioned with Julian Assange as the whistleblowing website gained notoriety.

He's always standing in front of crowds, but in private he prefers to meet you on your own. It was while I was filming Burnt [a drama co-staring Bradley Cooper].

It was another year far from home with no friends around and it was my birthday.

“Sometimes I miss Spain a lot, because I’m half-Spanish, and I wasn’t really happy with the tapas place we had in Berlin.

It was good to feel the atmosphere.”Brühl lost weight for the role, and had to endure seven hours of prosthetics every day as his face structure was altered to take on Lauda’s features.

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