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A lover of music, he enjoys playing the guitar as well as the harmonica.

However, quality time with his son Jamen tops his priority list.

While the Carter Family’s version features a series of claps and stomps, Johnson and Krauss’ takes on a softer, more intimate tone.

Johnson took the lead on the song, strumming along on his guitar while Krauss played fiddle by his side.

Krauss finally joined in with him on the chorus, singing stunning harmonies to accompany him.

He was originally credited after Dorian Gregory, but was the first actor to be credited after the three main actresses in seasons 3-7.Although we couldn’t see the crowd’s reaction at that time, we’re sure everyone was watching her in absolute awe.The crowd rewarded the duo with a warm round of applause at the conclusion of their performance. Luckily we’ll get the chance to hear plenty more from Johnson and Krauss in the future.Johnson and Krauss opted to perform a song that’s as classic as it gets when it comes to country music.The song was “My Dixie Darling,” which was originally recorded by Lonnie Donegan.

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Brian Krause portrayed Leo Wyatt, the boyfriend and then husband of Piper Halliwell through the series of Charmed.

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