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All online model polls are to some degree vulnerable to *abuse*.

(The definition of the word "abuse" even varies per website.

She's obviously a dirty girl looking at all the sex club pics and clips.

She's even been fucked on those clips4sale videos but those videos are quite awful.

With her new puppy @ photo shoot: Don't know who is more cute, the pup or Nati :=) a picture from a past sex party, so maybe never ('where can we find that? But her husband obviously likes sharing her, and he obviously likes her making videos. And if this girl ever goes off on her own without the guy, look the hell out, because you will see some serious shit. i am grateful for what we have but i just fingers crossed hope if more comes that it keeps the climax going.In the meantime, we can at least be glad her husband lets her do the Stasy Q, doesn't she just do good hardcore?But even so, her orgasmic videos are very few and could come out more frequently.That way I think she will be more popular and not getting somewhat bored from maybe old or new audiences then slip in ranking again.

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