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Thomas Troward, however, spoke to a culture and intellectual environment free from religious thinking.My opinion is that Quimby and Eddy spoke to those for whom Truth was revealed and Troward spoke to those for whom Truth was discovered.The patients of Quimby and Eddy were from a traditional worldview and the patients of Troward were from a modern point of view. The mistake we too often make today is assuming that all arrive at Truth in the same way.

That it was in very case later that it was discovered that the metaphysical implications in Jesus' teachings and in the Bible seem to parallel, as it were, some of the fundamental truths that had been unfolded through this modern metaphysical ideal.

Like Troward, Quimby was scientific in his teaching, but Quimby employed religious language because religious language was what caused people to become ill and religious language was what they knew.

Mary Baker Eddy's success also depended on the communicating her teaching through the religious culture in which her patients lived.

We do not follow that particular approach here, but that's because of the great freedom that is involved in the whole movement.

It is important I think to note that the absolutely, absolute metaphysical principles are not religious principles.

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Thomas Troward, our study for today, is significant probably more than any other way because he did not articulate a metaphysical interpretation of a religious view.

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