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He accidentally runs into a ceremony being held in the woods just before the earthquake hits and the siren sounds.

After being shot by a crazed Shibito cop, he falls into the Mana River and into unconsciousness, waking up to a nightmare.

'SIREN' and 'Forbidden SIREN' are copyright of Sony SCEJ and SCEE. - How come the policeman, Ishida Tetsuo, is acting so strangely BEFORE the siren and the earthquake? Websites Miscellaneous Credits ******** Updates ******** 16th March 2004 - First version (0.10) of the Guide produced. 30th March 2004 - Completed 'Forbidden SIREN' with all 100 Archives. Character section completed with each person's fate explained.

This guide is 100% unauthorised and any opinions and speculations made within are my own. - Who are the three people Toyama-san refers to in Q. - What about the continual recurrance of the number '333'? FAQs section begun and continued working on the section discussing 'Mana'. FAQ section updated, began timeline - please be patient with this one - and added details about the new SIREN book coming out in Japan. ") and the world was introduced to a rural Japanese town called Hanyuda (sometimes spelled 'Hanuda') where life has become a nightmare.

To do this, go to VIEW and click on ENCODING to select your desired language. They walk, do repetative tasks and they don't like you.

The most recent version of this guide can be found at: - com - Contents ********* Updates Introduction Part One - Characters - SUDA Kyoya - YAO Hisako - KAJIRO Miyako - KAJIRO Jun - KAJIRO Ayako - TAKEUCHI Tamon - ANNO Yoriko - MAKINO Kei - MIYATA Shiro - ONDA Risa - ONDA Mina - SHIMURA Akira - MIHAMA Naoko - TAKATO Reiko - YOMODA Harumi - MAEDA Tomoko - MAEDA Mayumi - MAEDA Takenobu Part Two - Timeline of Events Part Three - Hanyuda and its History Part Four - Mana: The Religon of Hanyuda Part Five - Datatsushi (,,,,) and Hisako Part Six - The Shibito (? l) Part Seven - Archives Part Eight - Other Information - Famitsu Interview with Toyama Keiichiro (Part One) Part Nine - Frequently Asked Questions - Is Yaobikuni a real myth? Some have guns, others just stalk but they WILL kill you given the opportunity.

Note: All information about plot is taken from the English language (PAL) version, officially titled 'Forbidden SIREN'.

However because of the uniquely 'Japaneseness' of the game, names are given in the Japanese fashion of family name first and honourifics are used where appropriate.

Their reaction to him, is certainly something that should be in the headlines.

version 0.35 This guide uses Japanese and English text. ************* Introduction ************* In 2003, Sony Japan released 'SIREN' (? One night Hanyuda is devastated by an earthquake, the eerie sound of an air-raid siren and swamped by water the colour of blood which is turning its inhabitants into 'Shibito' (? l), which - in kanji - literally means 'dead person'.

To view Japanese, ensure your browser is set to Japanese-JIS. Unfortunately, these dead people, well, you wouldn't know they were dead.

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Kyoya-kun will offer you information on his trip to Hanyuda and photographs. Sex: Female Occupation: Kyudoume (,,,,,), a priestess of Mana, the town's religion.

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It's needless to say, this guide contains - or will when completed - MASSIVE, UNMARKED SPOILERS!! Comments are welcome, this is my first guide so please email me on [email protected]

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