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There is no substantial evidence to suggest hatters were pulling the strings, but they did stay open late and certainly benefited from the incident.

Worn by both men and women and traditionally associated with France, Basque people, and the military. ] schoolgirls' uniform during the 1920s, '30s and '40s.Style etiquette put forth the September 15th cut-off date, offering up an arbitrary excuse for mischief-making. After hundreds of hats were ruined, Magistrate Hatting — and I swear I’m not making this name up — after showing some leniency, offered a stern warning to those committing these crimes, saying: “I'll send the next one to jail.I intend to see that citizens are protected in their property.” Hatting did not care for style rules delinquency, and said that a “man has the right to wear a straw hat in a snowstorm.” Even if it isn’t very practical.But setting a date for seasonal changeovers, no matter how arbitrary, will have a positive impact on sales.The riot article mentions how “the police reported that the youthful marauders were suspiciously active in the immediate vicinity of such [hat] stores.” Not an outward accusation, but certainly a raised eyebrow.

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Switching between warm and cold seasonal attire can be tedious enough — I can never remember where I put all my beanies — without having to worry about your personal safety.

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  1. (Pantin is the French word for a Dancing-Jack Puppet.) Other cultures have had special forms of paper art, including China (Hua Yang), Japan (Kirigami), Poland (Wycinanki), and Germany and Switzerland (Scherenschnitte).

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