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Members of the surrounding community believe that these women have to keep up the act for the sake of letting their families believe they are employed. Seeing the prostitutes in action made her feel ashamed, she commented.

Another source attested to the fact that the women were quite vocal about rather opting to work for R2 000 a day than doing chores as a domestic help for the same amount every month. She added that they had witnessed an altercation between a prostitute and a client in the past. Evidently there is a reigning order that determines the way business is conducted.

During the half-hourly incident, which reportedly occurred in close proximity to a school and a church situated on the double carriage way, a woman had three clients with whom she committed sexual acts that were visible from surrounding buildings that morning, the source alluded.

A businessperson in the area emphasised concern about the dire situation that has escalated in severity over the past year.Apprehension on the part of Ivydale business owners and residents over sex for sale posed by blatant acts of prostitution on their threshold, has reached boiling point after a year of increased incidents in the area.Obvious disregard for the moral high ground of others, displayed by a horde of prostitutes rendering their services at a meagre fee in full view of passers-by in broad daylight, questions the ability of law enforcers to curb the prevalence of such acts.She stressed that the scenario caused major embarrassment, especially when her young daughters witnessed ongoing acts, which was indeed the case the previous evening.The hottest acts usually took place over the lunch hour or between and every day when men of all cultures, and some even noticed in government vehicles, arrived to make use of the service, she said.

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