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I read all those threads, and some comments are really tipical. The DVR is made in China, it's Angel Eyes 16 channel H264 hybrid DVR AE-D16S16ES."login with admin account", "account priviledge", "forward port 34599 in router", "what is your dvr model", "can you view locally with mobile", etc. There's one comment that really make sense i think. I don't know where he bought it, and i think he can't return and get a refund because it is a working product (just not with mobile viewing).Do not download it from Google Play/App Store, try it with the one that comes with the unit. I have tried some of these cheap units, and sometimes the time I have to investo to get mobile viewing working is more than the cost of the unit.

I used a 40mm EP with 2X Optical Zoom on the Note 8. Unfortunately, I had to downsize my photo to be able to post here but it will still give you an idea of what can be done. I know capturing the Moon is probably a lot easier than trying to do AP on stars, galaxies, etc. I have a box full of phone mount stuff, and found it easier to use a small Canon pocket camera than the phone.The next day i go to my friend's house and tried to access it locally by wifi with my mobile, but like yesterday, it just show blanks. I even change the Host as the local IP of th DVR and port on 34599. The software just keep saying "Connecting", "Buffering", "Playing" and then "No response" over and over on android and blackberry.I would like to know if there's anyone ever have this problem and solved it?You will know it's running because a super bright, blue led turns on. I messed with it for over an hour trying to get them mated. Once I got a picture on the phone, I set up the scope for solar viewing. Got the sun in the view and swapped for the camera. I bought this Orion Steady Pix smartphone holder on Amazon for US .94: photo adapter Worth every penny to me.There is also a cloud service available that you may, or not, have to register to. Four days ago was the first time I could use my new Celestron Nex Star Evolution 9.25 and the Orion Steady Pix Holder.

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It was trying to figure out how to match the camera with the phone that was a problem. Plug the camera USB cable into a phone charger and let it start up. I don't know if it requires going through a Wifi setup, but just pressing the direct icon seemed to work. Now I need to look into solar filters, do lots more reading and hopefully try some sun shots in the future.

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