Overweight women and dating

(he's 6'4") We're both working hard to lose weight though and I'm happy that my healthy eating habits are rubbing off on him and his healthy exercise habits are rubbing off on me. Everyone seems to have a different opinion, I always feel more comfortable with a man who is much bigger than I am.

I'm just not at all attracted to a skinny man or even an athletic swimmer or runner build. Saturday, June 21, 2008, PM I've had a chubby lover in the past, and I must say I will never do it again! Having said that, my husband is currently about 50 lbs overweight and nearly all of it is in his belly.

He is downright exhausted after about two minutes of sex. I personally am in about the best shape I could be...

I workout every day, ride my bike an hour to work, horseback ride, lift weights, eat very healthy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008, PM Only very recently have I started viewing fit & toned men as more attractive than fat men.

I used to generally be drawn to fat men and prefer to date them because I didn't want to date anyone who was smaller than me or had a much fitter body than me; it was a total attraction killer.

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