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And this book can be challenging both personally and publicly on what it asks you to put in.

It's about shaking yourself up a bit and finding what really makes you tick, and about tending to the untended parts of your personality and soul.

During their first two weeks of field work in September, they have discovered an ancient pottery and coins dating back to around 500 BC.

A second field project is planned for August next year.

Through a number of exercises, Gooch asks the reader to look both inward and outward to analyze how these archetypes affect the reader's life (positively and negatively) and encourages the reader to find a spirituality and a "voice within." Intended to guide gay men (and presumably everyone else) down the road to a happier, fulfilling life, with or without a boyfriend.

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The author doesn't presume to have discovered the ultimate truth or the cure-all panacea.

Rather, Gooch (Finding the Boyfriend Within) holds that self-examination and study of Greek wisdom can have an effect on the whole self-and that a better social life is a happy by-product.They are looking at an orange and criticising it for not being an apple.These reviewers don't seem to have any interest in stimulating their self-knowledge, so why would they even choose to read "Dating the Greek Gods" in the first place???It would be like me reading a book about car repair and blasting it because it contained only automotive information. Oh wait, that's right, Brad Gooch's last book, also with his face plastered on the front with the same smug smile. Gooch covers familiar territory here, analyzing his past relationships in the context of some bizarro Greek spirituality theoretical framework that makes about as much sense as......well, nothing.More important though are the political and cultural implications of Gooch's various publishing projects.

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