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Maximize your chances of making a love connection by heeding these simple truths: 1.

There are dating websites geared toward men and women who would prefer to meet others with similar backgrounds and beliefs.

Google the name and hometown and/or profession of anyone with whom you might be developing a mutual interest. It goes far beyond looks, interests, and intellect.

If he claims to be single, but a quick search produces a very recent wedding announcement from his local newspaper, there's a very good chance you're being played. If you get a weird vibe from someone you meet through a dating site, listen to your inner voice and decline a personal meeting with her. No matter how much texting or Skyping you do; no matter how much you chat on Facebook, you cannot know if you have chemistry with someone until you spend time with her.

Honesty is crucial in online dating, because your goal is to find a partner whose personality, interests, and goals align with yours, not those of some idealized self you've conjured up.

News flash: If you lie about your age, your weight, your height, your income, your present or desired relationship status, your love of margaritas and long walks in the rain or anything else elemental to your true self, then you are ultimately wasting your time and that of any potential partners who are responding to false advertising.

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