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Most of women with X-linked alport syndrome will not develop kidney failure.

However, the risk of developing renal failure increases as they age.

Therefore, to reduce proteinuria, it is important for the patients to limit the intake of foods loaded in proteins.

If the amount of protein in urine is above 1 g/d, it indicates a poor prognosis.2012-09-28 Alport syndrome is a genetic disease featured with sarring of filtering units called glomeruli in kidneys.Its prognosis varies with the prognosis of alport syndrome.The whispered voice test and tuning fork tests (Rinne's and Weber's tests) can be carried out simply and effectively but, ultimately, if these reveal hearing impairments, patients need to be referred on for audiometric testing which will enable precise quantification of the degree of hearing loss and help identify the site of pathology.The separate article Hearing Tests may also be of use.

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