Does 14 carbon 14 dating stand

The gospel is the good news of salvation by grace, through Christ’s sacrificial life, death and resurrection. But notice what this angel says under the heading of the gospel: “Fear God,” “Give glory to Him,” “The hour of His judgment is come,” and “Worship Him” as the Creator.

In chapter 7 this same group of 144,000 received the seal of God in their foreheads. They have the Father’s name written in their minds and hearts showing that they are His people who reflect His character of love. This group gains the victory over the beasts and his mark.We glorify Him when our lives represent His character through our love for others, and our obedience to His commandments. This is the judgment that was described in Daniel 7:9-10.The purpose of the judgment is to God’s people and condemn the powers that are persecuting them.It is often called the pre-advent judgment, in which the books of record are investigated, to determine the fate of each professed believer in God.In the 1820s Godly men around the world began preaching the message, “The hour of His judgment is come,” applying it to the second coming of Christ, and setting the time around 1844.

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