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That obviously does nothing to allay the problem of unjustified precision in the published papers’ claims—which is what readers of the papers rely upon.

The problem is especially acute because almost none of those readers will have the statistical expertise required to do the difficult reanalysis themselves. The full problem is worse than the above might indicate.

As the authors state, there is a “fundamental difference” between Case I and Case II: the simple weighted average that is used for combining measurements in Case I should not be used in Case II. An approximating method is described by the authors.

The foregoing is accepted by everyone who has studied the issues, as far as I know.

For example, suppose that we find a sample of a bone from some animal; then, using radiocarbon dating, we might be able to determine that the animal died, say, 3000 years ago. Case I is where all the measurements are made on the same sample, which is believed to be homogeneous.

The reply admits that “any classical statistical method, based on normality assumptions will only be an approximation - and possibly not a very good one”.The area around a volcano will degas COC in the remains.Hence, by absorbing volcanically-degassed carbon, the radiocarbon age of the plant will be increased.I am attempting to have him held to account for frauds in his research. The definition is given in the RCUK Policy and Guidelines on Governance of Good Research Conduct (February 2013). Misrepresentation of data, for example suppression of relevant findings and/or data, or knowingly, recklessly or by gross negligence, presenting a flawed interpretation of data.Christopher Bronk Ramsey is a professor at the University of Oxford.

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