Random chat for adults that only want to masturbate

A lot of people are confused about this because they assume that if someone is a homosexual that means they really want to be the other sex, which is rarely true.That would make all homosexuals transgendered, and they are not the same thing. I also go to the gay websites and I like it as well (especially with the older men and young boys), But the problem is that I just find the white guys attractive ( I am not being racist as I also belong to a non-white community).My boyfriend claims he's straight but I found emails to other men on his computer.He blames it on the fact that he's stressed out and it was a fantasy and the act itself of being with another man made him sick. Anonymous, Arizona I'm sure he is stressed out - being in the closet can cause a lot of psychological strain.I have no desire to screw a guy in the ass, but I sometimes think of sitting on a hard cock. And here's the thing, I'm quite capable of being in romantic relationships with women, as long as it doesn't require intercourse.I've never acted out any of this, and I wonder if it should just remain in fantasyland. Ted, California Ted, Wanting to watch another guy doing your girlfriend or having her suck his dick is not gay. For a long time this had me questioning whether or not I was bi, but it seems to me that a bisexual has to be equally turned on by both sexes, which is not my case. Could I be one, or should I just solidify my homosexuality without looking back?I suppose that's what I have in mind because I've started bringing Pjur along with me to the steam room. James, New York James, I think you're probably bi, but now that you've discovered sex with men, it's like having a new toy that you can't stop playing with, literally.You may just be going through a phase and will find that your enthusiasm wanes when the novelty of steam room hand jobs wears off, and then you'll get into women again.

The opposite can also be true - you can be sexually turned on by one sex but be unable to form emotional attachments with them. Some people in this situation have multiple relationships with men and women at the same time, while others try to choose a compromise with one person that meets most of their needs.I've always enjoyed this attention and even found it a bit arousing.Anyway, I was away on business last spring and had some down time, so I went to the sundeck.However, every time I get a serious girlfriend (which has been about 3 or 4 times), such as the one I have now, I dream of her getting fucked by another guy while she is giving me head.Or I dream of her sucking another guy's dick while I am doing her from behind. And your girlfriend, if she's involved in the scenario.

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