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He concluded: "Project Horus also have a launch planned for mid-October where we'll be taking part in the Scouts' 'Jamboree of the Air'.We'll be launching a radio repeater up to 30km, which Scouts around Australia will be able to talk through.The total payload weight was 142 grams." He added: "The original aim of the launch was to test the Mini Nut's pressure sensor at extremely high altitudes. "Breaking the UK record, and coming within 600m of the world amateur ballooning altitude record felt pretty damn good though, especially considering the current record holders (The Cornell University group) used a gigantic zero-pressure balloon*, and we used an under-inflated 1.6kg balloon." Proof that the record had been broken came while Mark and team were sitting in The Granta boozer in Cambridge.The online tracking map is right here, showing how the payload was consigned to a watery grave in the North Sea off Norfolk: Mark explained: "We make use of a tracking system which allows listeners from all around the launch area (in this case, all over Europe) to upload the data they receive automatically.During the period 2000–2002 we conducted more than 200 interviews with children and young people and conducted case studies in homes, schools, libraries, cybercafes and other places where the Internet is accessed. But it was also clear from our interviews that many were more active in chatrooms than their parents and other adults realised.Here, using a small set of these interviews, which were made with students in a tutorial centre in Athens [2], we will describe how some young people use the Internet to make relationships with others, and particularly how young women and men use the net to meet and talk to one another.The Internet — both a public good and a danger to children Experiments with identity Advancing the argument through case study Katerina’s story Rania’s story Stefanos’ story Dimitra’s story Fivos’ story Mary’s (Dafni’s mother) story Discussion The Internet and the young Drugs and technology Harm minimisation and Internet safety?For many of us the Internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life.

In the public imagination, there are two sides to the Internet coin.

He hooked up with Cambridge University Spaceflight (CUSF) to launch the Horus 15.5, which took off on Saturday from the city's Churchill College with the able assistance of CUSF's Ed Moore and Adam Greig, as well as HAB newbies Rob Thompson and Mark Cullen.

This launch vid gives some idea of what a bugger to handle these balloons can be if there's even a whiff of a breeze: Mark told El Reg: "The payload contained a telemetry beacon called 'Mini Nut' - This was it's first test flight.

For the first few km of ascent only we at the launch site could receive data, but as it got higher listeners around UK started uploading data.

This allowed us to pack up, move to the pub, and track it on the web!

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